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Formula for Calculating Compound Annual Growth Rate CAGR in Excel

Or, the CAGR formula can also be expressed more formally using other financial terms. Those interested in learning more about CAGR and other financial topics may want to consider enrolling in one of the best investing courses currently available. As a measure of investment profitability CAGR has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Besides the smoothed rate of growth, the CAGR has other limitations.
  2. The CAGR is an important measure of a stock or a group of stocks’ performance against the market index.
  3. The internal rate of return (IRR) also measures investment performance but is more flexible than the CAGR.
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For example, if an investment of $10,000 was made on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, and the investor sells it on Monday, June 6, 2022, for $18,901, they would have held the stock for 1,426 days. Our online calculators, converters, randomizers, and content are provided "as is", free of charge, and without any warranty or guarantee. Each tool is carefully developed and rigorously tested, and our content is well-sourced, but despite our best effort it is possible they contain errors. We are not to be held responsible for any resulting damages from proper or improper use of the service.

Note here that a deposit or loan grows at a faster rate thanks to compounding. Now let us take a look at another example in which we get the same final value as the last row of the above table, and see how the time it takes to achieve it reflects on the average growth rate. The compound growth of the investment on an annual basis increases parallel to the increase in the expected (or observed) final value, assuming the number of years is fixed.

Another interesting tool is our cap rate calculator, which determines the rate of return on your real estate property purchase. CAGR is also subject to manipulation depending on the measurement period, which is ultimately and often arbitrarily selected. A CAGR can be shifted to avoid a negative year in the stock market or to include a year of strong performance. Financial modeling best practices require calculations to be transparent and auditable. The trouble with piling all the calculations into a formula is that you can't easily see what numbers go where or what numbers are user inputs or hard-coded.

For example, an investment may increase in value by 8% in one year, decrease in value by -2% the following year, and increase in value by 5% in the next. CAGR helps smooth returns when growth rates are expected to be volatile and inconsistent. If you own a business, the CAGR can indicate a lot of factors that are otherwise overlooked. Unlike the concept of ‘absolute returns’, growth based on CAGR takes into account the element of time. It refers to the compounded growth rate a value has had through a 3-year period. To compare bank offers that have different compounding periods, we need to calculate the annual percentage yield, also called the effective annual rate (EAR).

It is a way to measure how an investment or business has grown over a specific period of time. It takes into account the effect of compounding, which means that the growth builds upon itself. Despite the availability of other measures of growth, such as annual return rate of an investment, the compound annual growth rate is considered a bettermeasure of an investment's progress in terms of growth. But generally speaking, investors will evaluate this by thinking about their opportunity cost as well as the riskiness of the investment.

The rate can also be used to compare the growth of more thanone investment. On the surface, the stock fund may look like a better investment, with nearly nine times the return of the savings account. On the other hand, one of the drawbacks of the CAGR is that by smoothing the returns, The CAGR cannot tell an investor how volatile or risky the stock fund was. However, the CAGR can be used in the MAR ratio, which adjusts for risk. The CAGR can be used to calculate the average growth of a single investment.

Limitations of CAGR calculations

For example, if a company grew by 25% in an industry with an average CAGR closer to 30%, then its results might seem lackluster by comparison. But if the industry-wide growth rates were lower, such as 10% or 15%, then its CAGR might be very impressive. The CAGR is a measurement used by investors to calculate the rate at which a quantity grew over time. The word “compound” denotes the fact that the CAGR takes into account the effects of compounding, or reinvestment, over time.

This is because your investments do not grow at the same rate every year. In some years, you may have high returns while during other years, your returns may be lower. Essentially, CAGR lets you know the compounded returns you earn on an annual basis irrespective of the individual yearly performances of the fund. SmartAsset Advisors, LLC ("SmartAsset"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Financial Insight Technology, is registered with the U.S.

What Is Risk-Adjusted CAGR?

You can calculate the CAGR using your investment's initial value, final value, and time period, i.e., the number of compounding years. To perform the calculation, divide the final value by the initial value. If you are still not sure how to calculate the growth rate, don't worry. Instead of performing many complicated mathematical operations in order to calculate the compound annual growth rate, you might like to try our CAGR calculator. A 10% CAGR means whatever is being referenced has grown in value at an annualized average rate of 10% over the specified timeframe.

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To back into the IRR, a financial calculator, Excel, or portfolio accounting system is ideal. In any given year during the period, one investment may be rising while the other falls. This could be the case when comparing high-yield bonds to stocks, or a real estate investment to emerging markets. Using CAGR would smooth the annual return over the period so the two alternatives would be easier to compare. In its most basic sense, it indicates the exact rate of an investment’s growth considering that it grows at the same rate and the returns are reinvested. Taking note of CAGR is also a huge bonus when you are considering differential investment options.

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The CAGR calculator is a simple online tool that gives you the annual rate at which your investment has grown. All you need to do is provide certain input data and the calculator does the rest. CAGR considers the compounding effect, where the growth each year contributes to the base value for subsequent years. It gives you a single rate of growth that reflects the investment’s overall performance, making it easier to compare different investments. At the end of the current period, the company has generated $100 million in revenue – and this figure is expected to grow at the following growth rates each year.

We can see that on an annual basis, the year-to-year growth rates of the investment portfolio were quite different as shown in the parentheses. The CAGR is superior to other calculations, such as average returns, because it takes into account that values compound over time. If your mutual fund investment value increases over time, you can use the calculator and estimate the rate of return on your investment. CAGR calculator is an online tool that can help you analyze your investment decision and helps calculate Compound Annual Growth Rate.

In the "Final value" field enter either the current value of the investment or current business revenue, or enter the final value of the asset at the end of the period of interest. Finally, enter the number of periods over which the value has grown. CAGR is a very useful method to calculate the growth rate of an investment. It can be used to evaluate past returns or estimate the future returns of your investments. In the case of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), it does not take periodic investments into account as it only considers the initial and final values for the calculation.

CAGR measures growth as if the underlying investment or metric had grown at a fixed rate while compounding on an annual basis. So, CAGR is an estimate of the rate of return per year based on the pattern of growth in historical periods. The ClearTax CAGR calculator is a simulation that helps you to calculate the compound annual growth rate of your investment. It allows you to decide if the investment yields a significant return over time. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), is the annualized growth rate of return of the value of an investment or a financial metric over a given number of years and taking into account compound growth. Now let us explore what happens with different financial parameters in play.

CAGR Limits

You can use the ClearTax CAGR Calculator to make the right investment decisions. It helps you to determine the annual rate of return of your investments. You may compare the returns from the investment against a relevant benchmark and analyse your investment decisions.

Simply put, it is the average rate at which your investment will grow during the investment tenure. A 5-year CAGR percentage indicates how much the investment has grown in the past 5 years. To determine the CAGR for a single investment, determine its value on the starting date, its value on the ending date, then determine the how to calculate cagr in normal calculator number of years between the two dates. Add up all the starting values to determine the portfolio's starting value, and add up all the ending values to determine its ending value. Be sure to include any quarterly dividends received during the period, and any taxes, fees, or penalties that would be incurred on the ending value.

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